Kindergarten Class

Program Overview:

Franklin Christian Kindergarten is a wonderful place for five year olds to learn about themselves, discover new friends, and get excited about learning. The children are given many opportunities for creative play and creative thinking. Our program is based on many hands-on activities to stimulate learning.

We focus on science units and incorporate language arts, math, reading readiness, reading, fine and large motor skills. The children are encouraged to express themselves in their daily journals and art projects. The math workbooks are used with games and manipulatives to help make learning fun and relaxing. Some children are working on putting together their phonic sounds, while others are already reading. Children will be placed in reading groups based on their reading levels.

Math and reading learning programs will be available on the computer for children to use at different times during the day. The music teacher visits twice a week to sing with the children and play with different instruments and rhythm games. The children will typically participate in five or more field trips, including a special series of trips to Cranbrook. They will also enjoy visits from community helpers during the year.

Our goal is to develop creative thinkers and good decision makers who will be able to function independently as they progress through elementary school. Our Bible lessons promote strong social skills which help the children to learn to make the right choices. We strive to provide an environment in which children love to learn and think of school as a wonderful place to be.

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