3 Year Old Class


Program Overview:

Our three year old program is designed to delight the imagination and investigative mind of the young child. Some of the exciting units that are introduced during the year include making papier-mache planets and learning about outer space, exploring the five senses, oceans and fish, farm animals, and insects and birds. Centers are provided to promote math and reading readiness skills. The children are read to, sings songs, and recite finger plays on a daily basis.

The children are given plenty of opportunity for creative play, indoors as well as outdoors. Our indoor centers include housekeeping, several types of building blocks, dramatic role-play, puppets and and train center. We encourage the children to develop appropriate social skills through sharing during playtime.

Our puppets, Jimmy and Candi, help to teach our Bible curriculum. The children learn about God’s love, as well as how to care for one another. This curriculum promotes character development in the following areas: honesty, kindness, sharing, obedience, and confidence.

Large motor skills are developed daily. Small motor skills are encouraged as the children are introduced to different art media, and begin to trace numbers and letters. The children are taught computer skills twice per week. Our music teacher is also a special treat for the children twice per week.

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