2 1/2 – 3 Year Old Program


Program Overview:

Head Instructor: Mrs. Sharon Carter. Graduated with a degree in Early Childhood from Purdue University.

(Children must be 2 1/2 years old by October 1st and mostly potty trained).

One of the primary goals of this class is to provide a fun and safe environment in which the children are free to explore and investigate their world. Encouraging social skills and getting along with others is important for this age group. Independence is also encouraged as well as problem solving.

Readiness concepts are taught at an age-appropriate level. As each child is allowed to learn at his/her own level, self esteem is built up. There is also a strong emphasis on building Christ-like character traits in each child. Our Bible program is designed to promote sharing, honesty, listening, obedience, kindness, and confidence. The children learn that God loves each child individually because he or she is special.

Computer skills are taught to the children during the second semester. In addition, the music teacher visits each classroom once per week to sing with the children and play with different instruments and rhythm games. The children typically participate in three or four field trips  throughout the year, including visits to the orchard and Cranbrook Science Museum. Through visits from community helpers, children are taught valuable lessons like fire safety.

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